Get upto $1000

Get upto $1000

The special Scholarship program ensures that your dreams are fulfilled and our goal is to ensure finances do not become a barrier in your successful career.

Scholarship Offered

300 USD - 1000 USD

Eligiblity Criteria

Student must hold offer letter from the university.

9 Steps to get your UNIABROAD Scholarship

Step 1

Submit an offer letter with academic documents and passport to the UNIABROAD team.


Step 2

Interview with UNIABROAD Scholarship assessment team.


Step 3

Decision on Scholarship (90% students secured at least 500 USD Scholarship)


Step 4

Your offer letter will be tagged under UNIABROAD.


Step 5

Visa filing will be done by UNIABROAD.


Step 6

Visa decision.


Step 7

After the visa, the UNIABROAD post admission team will help you with the university enrollment.


Step 8

Submit University enrollment letter to UNIABROAD’s post admission team.


Step 9

Receive Scholarship amount in your bank account from UNIABROAD within 60 working days after submitting the University enrollment letter received from the University.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Universities with lesser than 6000 USD tuition fees are not eligible for UNIABROAD’s Scholarship Scheme.
  2. Students holding Visa Letter are not eligible for UNIABROAD’s Scholarship Scheme.
  3. Student without offer letter are not eligible for UNIABROAD’s Scholarship Scheme.
  4. Student who are not tagged under UNIABROAD will be not eligible for UNIABROAD’s Scholarship Scheme.
  5. Only those students who reach out to us after receiving an offer from an international university are eligible for this Scholarship.

UNIABROAD does not charge any amount as service fees from the students.

Our Services


Free Of Cost

  • Passport Application Guidance
  • Student counselling
  • SOP Proofreading
  • Course shortlisting
  • Document checklist Guidance & Samples
  • Application submission (Up to 5 Universities)
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Education Loan Assistance
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Assistance(Forex)
  • Student Visa training
  • Visa filing
  • Pre departure guidance
  • Accommodation Booking Guidance
  • Flight Booking Guidance
  • Airport Pickup & Drop Guidance
  • Post arrival guidance Guidance
  • Permanent Residency Guidance
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