Refund Policy

UNIABROAD will collect a security deposit of RS. 3000 from every student who wish to obtain our services & start their application process to study abroad. Once the admission process is complete, the security deposit amount of RS. 3000 will be completely refunded.

01. Why should I pay the security deposit money?

The purpose of the security deposit is just to make sure that you are seriously considering to make use of our services and also to ensure that our employees time is rightfully invested in assisting you.

02. When should I pay the security deposit?

The security deposit should be paid before your application process starts.

03. How will I pay the security deposit?

The security deposit can be paid either throgh bank transfer or cash for which a receipt will be issued in the office.

04. What benefits can I get by paying the security deposit?

Free counselling sessions, expert help in shortlisting universities & courses, free application support*, access to free IELTS learning platform, scholarship assistance, education loan assistance, Pre-departure and post-admission support.

05. When will I receive my deposit money?

The deposit money will be returned once you enroll into the university & you have to share a copy of enrollment letter for the proof. The money will be reversed to your given bank account in 15 working days.

06. How will I recieve my deposit money?

After your visa decision, you can visit UNIABROAD website & find the DEPOSIT RETURN FORM, download, fill and submit the form to us via email. Alternatively, you can also visit the office and submit the form.

07. Do I get my deposit if my visa is refused?

Yes. Irrespective of your visa decision, the deposit money of RS. 3000 will be returned to you.

08. Will I get a receipt for the payment?

Yes. Irrespective of the mode of payment, you will get a receipt for the payment made.

09. Under what circumstance my deposit will not be refunded?

  • Your deposit will not be refunded if your visa get rejected based on forged documents provided by you.
  • The deposit will not be returned if you make use of our service and change your mind at the end moment.

Note:*Free application support is up to 5 universities and will be chargeable for further application.

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