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Official Language

German, French, Italian, & Romansh

Swiss Franc


8 Million


2°C in winter to 28°C at the peak of summers.

Tuition Fees

Min 15000 CHF to
Max 30000 CHF

Academic Requirements

German, French, Italian, & Romansh

English Requirements

Minimum 50% for Master's
Minimum 55% for Bachelor's


Available up to 50% of Tuition Fees.

Part Time Wages

Many Universities offers Integrated Paid Placement with Course
Min 2200 CHF - 3000 CHF

Part Time Work Limit

15 hrs/Week - Study Period

Full Time Wages

30000 CHF/Year - 50000 CHF/Year

Living Expenses

400 CHF - 1000 CHF
(Depending on Student Lifestyle)

Benefits of studying in Switzerland

  1. Switzerland is one of the most popular European destinations for international students with high-quality. education & countless opportunities.
  2. Switzerland's education system is also known to be one of the best in the world.
  3. Students can visit 26 countries in Europe with a Schengen Visa.
  4. Switzerland has a low crime rate making it a very safe country for students.
  5. Majority of Swiss Schools Offer Paid Placement while studying.(Min Wage 2200 CHF/Month).
  6. Students can guarantee their career, post competition of course with more Job Opportunities across the world.
  7. Switzerland Institutes provides massive scholarships for International students reducing the overall cost.

Popular subjects to study in Switzerland

  1. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  2. Culinary Arts
  3. Business Studies
  4. Computer Science
  5. Statistics

Popular student cities in Switzerland

  1. Bern(C)
  2. Zurich
  3. Geneva
  4. Lucerne
  5. Montreux

Permanent Residency

Student Have to stay for 10 Years in Switzerland to be eligible for PR

Post Study Work


After graduation the student is allowed to stay back upto 6 Months & can apply for jobs in the other 26 countries in Europe including Switzerland with Schengen Visa.


Student Can apply for J1 Visa & can stay upto 18 Months to look for Job.


If a student's Ne / Subject ranks in the top 200 world ranking (ie THE/QS/Shanghai Ranking) they are eligible to apply for a 1 year Job Search Visa in Netherlands.


Post Completion of Course in Switzerland student can try for Express Entry Visa.


Based on the student previous work experience Student can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa.

Note : Post Completion of Course in Switzerland student will have more opportunities to get job in Switzerland, Europe USA, Middle east & India with very good pay scale.

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