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Official Language


Polish złoty (PLN)


38 million


0.5°C in winter to 25°C at the peak of summers

Tuition Fees

Min PLN 6,000 to max PLN 28,000

Academic Requirements


English Requirements

Minimum 80% for both Bachelor's and Master's


Available up to 25% to 70% of tuition fees

Part Time Wages

PLN 17 per hour

Part Time Work Limit

20 hours per week during study and during
holidays: Full-time (no specific hourly limit

Full Time Wages

PLN 31,200 - 36,000 per year

Living Expenses

PLN 1,500 - 2,000 per month(Depending on Student Lifestyle)

Benefits of studying in Poland

1.Poland's education system and opportunities attract international students for growth.
2.Tuition fees and living costs in Poland are relatively low compared to other European countries.
3.Students enjoy a high quality of life with a safe and welcoming environment for studying and living.
4.Master degree in Poland offers access to high-quality education and renowned universities.
5.Poland scholarship programs offer international students financial assistance, covering tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.
6.Study in Poland and benefit from rigorous academic programs designed to foster intellectual growth and skill development.

Popular subjects to study in Poland

1.Medicine and Healthcare
3.Computer Science and IT
4.Business and Economics
5.International Relations

Popular student cities in Poland


Permanent Residency

1.Students generally need to reside continuously in Poland for 5 years to be eligible for permanent residency.
2.If students acquire a critical skill employment permit, they may be eligible for permanent residency after residing in Poland for 2 years.
3.Alternatively, students can extend their Startup Visa and stay for an additional 3 years in the country to become eligible for permanent residency.

Post Study Work

International students in Poland can apply for a temporary residence permit for up to 3 years after graduation to look for employment opportunities.
Post Completion of course, the student can try for Express Entry Visa.

Offers post-study work visa options for international graduates, allowing them to work in their respective countries after completing.
Based on the student's previous work experience, students can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa.
Note : Post Completion of course in Poland, students will have more opportunities to get jobs in Australia, Middle east, Canada & India with a very good pay scale.

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