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Official Language




17 million


3°C in winter to 17°C in summer

Tuition Fees

Min € 9,000 to max € 30,000.

Academic Requirements


English Requirements

Minimum 70%- Bachelor's and Master's


Available up to 25% to 55% of tuition fees

Part Time Wages

€10 to €20 per hour

Part Time Work Limit

20 hrs/Week during Study Period and full time during holidays

Full Time Wages

 €40,000 to €50,000 / year

Living Expenses

 €900 to €1800/ month (Depending on Student Lifestyle)

Benefits of studying in Netherlands

1.The Netherlands is a top choice for international students worldwide.
2.A Dutch student visa opens doors to 26 European countries, broadening cultural exposure.
3.Studying in the Netherlands is cost-effective.
4.Dutch universities have a successful Indian alumni network, offering valuable support.
5.Study in the Netherlands, it provides diverse academic and personal growth opportunities.
6.Students can easily connect with top companies for internships and jobs.
7.Scholarships in the Netherlands help international students by reducing financial stress and making education more accessible.
8.Masters degree in the Netherlands offer access to world-class research facilities.

Popular subjects to study in Netherlands

1.Business administration
3.Computer science
4.International relations

Popular student cities in Netherlands


Permanent Residency

1. After graduation, students have to stay for 5 Years in Netherlands to be eligible for PR.
2. If students acquire the critical skill employment permit, they are eligible for PR after 2 Years.
3. Students can extend their Startup Visa & stay for 3 more Years in the country to be eligible for PR.

Post Study Work

1. Students in the Netherlands can stay for up to 1 year on the Orientation Year visa
2. Upon finding employment within1 year, a Highly skilled Migrant visa is issued.
Post Completion of course, the student can try for Express Entry Visa.
Based on the student's previous work experience, students can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa.
Note : Post Completion of the Course, students will have more opportunities to get a job in Europe, Middle East & India with a very good pay scale.

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