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Official Language

English and French

Canadian Dollar


39 million


10°C in winter to 35°C at summer

Tuition Fees

Min 23,000 CAD to max 56,000 CAD

Academic Requirements

English and French

English Requirements

Minimum 70%- 74% - both Bachelor's and Master's


Available up to 50% to 55% of tuition fees.

Part Time Wages

$11.25 to $15.00 CAD per hour

Part Time Work Limit

20 hrs/Week during Study Period and 40 hrs/week during holidays

Full Time Wages

 $23,040 CAD/ to $28,800 CAD/ year

Living Expenses

 $1950 to $3800 CAD per month(Depending on Student Lifestyle)

Benefits of studying in Canada

1.Canada is home to top-ranked universities globally. 
2.Study in Canada and access world-class courses renowned for academic quality. 
3.Canada scholarships for Indian students provide financial assistance, making higher education in Canada more accessible. 
4.Postgraduate programs in Canada involves cutting-edge research initiatives.
5.Canada provides co-op programs at many universities for real-world skills development.

Popular subjects to study in Canada

1.Business Administration and Management
2.Computer Science and Information Technology
4.Health Sciences and Nursing
5.Social Science

Popular student cities in Canada


Permanent Residency

1.Students studying in Canada can apply for permanent residency after completing studies and gaining work experience, usually after 1 year into obtaining qualifying experience.
2.Those with critical skill employment permits may qualify for permanent residency after 2 years.
3.Students under the Startup Visa program can extend their stay by 3 years, potentially leading to permanent residency eligibility.

Post Study Work

Post completion of their course, students can try for the Express Entry Visa, which is a pathway to permanent residency.
With its proximity and strong economic ties to Canada, the United States is a popular destination for Canadian-educated professionals.
Based on the student's previous work experience, students can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa.
Graduates from Canadian universities may also explore job opportunities in countries in the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. These countries offer opportunities in sectors such as construction, finance, healthcare, and hospitality.
Note : Post Completion of course in Canada, students will have more opportunities to get jobs in New Zealand,European Union (EU) countries, United Kingdom & India with a very good pay scale. 

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