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We have successfully helped over 5000+ Students realise their dream of studying abroad in the past years!
Common Challenges Faced by Students with Overseas Education Consultants
  1. Lack of expertise on University Application
  2. Unaware of accurate information on Course & University
  3. False hopes on scholarships
  4. Consultants Charging unnecessary fees
  5. Slow processing of applications
  6. Providing University options as per Educational Consultant Benefits
  7. No post admission support
  8. And one of the main concerns is that they cannot be trusted

Study Abroad Journey with UNIABROAD

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Digitizing student experiences and empowering self-reliance through our Ed-Tech platforms. Digitizing student experiences and empowering self-reliance through our Ed-Tech platforms.

How does UNIABROAD stand out from the rest? Let's find out!

With a track record of assisting over 2000 students in the last academic year, UNIABROAD has established itself as a reliable partner in facilitating global education opportunities.

We partner with 350+ leading universities worldwide ensuring students have access to a diverse range of prestigious institutions to further their academic pursuits.

Get real-time counselling sessions from experts who are alumni of international universities. This personalized guidance equips students with invaluable insights and advice tailored to their individual needs and aspirations.

From course shortlisting to navigating the complexities of loans, visas, Forex, and accommodation, we provides comprehensive assistance at every step of the process.

Our commitment to students extends beyond admission, with a dedicated support team available in the student's study destination. This ongoing support ensures a smooth transition enhancing the overall student experience.

In the past year, we have successfully
placed 5000+ students in their dream universities.

To know more about their triumphs.

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