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We have successfully helped over 5000+ Students realise their dream of studying abroad in the past years!
Common Challenges Faced by Students with Overseas Education Consultants
  1. Lack of expertise on University Application
  2. Unaware of accurate information on Course & University
  3. False hopes on scholarships
  4. Consultants Charging unnecessary fees
  5. Slow processing of applications
  6. Providing University options as per Educational Consultant Benefits
  7. No post admission support
  8. And one of the main concerns is that they cannot be trusted

How does UNIABROAD stand out from the rest? Let’s find out!

UNIABROAD is a company designed and managed by alumni of international universities. They know the real struggle and have planned to make your journey effortless through their hardships.

They know how important it is to get the right information and thereby assist you with real time experiences and exceptional mentorship.

From applications to visa process and beyond we provide end-to-end support to students in both online and offline mode.

We provide english test preparation platform to those students who are preparing for their language pre-requisites through our E-learning platform - UNILEARN.

With us, students can apply to over 300+ Partner universities offering 100000+ courses.

Discover and apply to thousands of international scholarships and get assistance with education loan too with us.

That’s not all, we provide post admission support after visa with a dedicated post admission team.

And now the most important one, UNIABROAD does not charge any amount as service fees from its students instead we charge service fees from universities for providing quality service to students.

In the past year, we have successfully
placed 5000+ students in their dream universities.

To know more about their triumphs.

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